What will we cover during the programme?


Evening Welcome

Day One

  • Exploration of where we are today in terms of our own organisations 
  • Insight into what collaborative transformation looks like
  • Reflection about the role we have as change ambassadors
  • Deep dive into our values and aspirations

Day Two

  • Sharing of latest ideas about work and mindfulness
  • Deepening our growth as authentic leaders with a focus on presence, skillful communication and effective action

Day Three

  • Practice and fun as we play with our leadership presence
  • Management of conflict with a mindful approach
  • Navigating politics with grace

Day Four

  • Setting ourselves up for growth and success
  • Collaborative transformation in action
  • Taking wing ...

During the course of the retreat and the programme that follows we will experiment and deepen our mindfulness practices.

The leadership learning pods will be dedicated to supporting the development of each aspect of the journey.

More retreats and offers will take place in 2019!

Our retreats take place in the regions around Palma de Mallorca and the South of France known for their peace and tranquility.   Although we will be in the countryside, we promise wifi will be available to ensure you can stay connected where needed!

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