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My name is Jane Aubriet-Beausire and my mission is to work with HR professionals who want to mindfully connect or reconnect with what really matters.    I believe that the biggest challenge but also the greatest gift that we can bring our organisations as HR leaders is our own leadership presence and mindset.

Twenty years of experience developing myself and others in the field of HR has allowed me to explore many approaches and I'm convinced of the value of using mindfulness, connection and soulfulness to be the effective and inspiring leaders our organisations need us to be.

As we lean into change and transformation, it is our presence that influences success but this can be quite tough in the face of resistance and internal and external politics.  

My aim in working with you is to give you a chance to explore what is essential, to challenge your assumptions and to give you an opportunity to experiment more authentic ways to be effective whilst also having fun, meeting others and knowing you're not alone on this magnificent journey! 


What do I bring?


A passion for growing sustainable business success through people development gained  during my career in operational & strategic talent management, human resources  and leadership development.


Success in creating innovative & inspiring leadership development programs with a focus on mindfulness, authentic leadership, and sustainable change and transformation for individuals and their stakeholders.


Global experience working for large and small companies in sectors such as pharma, energy, hi-tech, investment banking, business schools & FMCG in Asia, North America, Africa, Europe & Oceania.


A breadth of learning including degrees and certificates in international business, languages, authentic leadership, coaching and the journey continues! In designing different learning events I constantly challenge myself to stay inspired and I believe in leading by example.


Different cultural perspectives having lived in Mexico, New Zealand, France, the UK, Switzerland and Sweden. On this journey, we will be weaving elements of the Māori culture into the journey which will include how to hold a space, how to connect with your warrior energy and the art of oratory.


A commitment to being inspired by the community around me. This year I am sponsoring 'Let's Draw a Planet' or 'Dessine Moi Une Planète'.  It's a wonderful project being run by an amazing group of students in Toulouse where children and elderly connect by getting creative together.


A little about āio reSources

The name āio is the Māori word for calm, serenity and peace. 

My company was set up to help companies and individuals find a moment of calm where they can step back, assess and bring to light the underestimated or unused potential and resources that they have. 

It means working together to find sense in our lives – a return to our true source. I develop tools that help individuals be more serene and at peace with their choices and priorities. It’s also important that people know that when they are with me they have an opportunity to resource themselves – to simply be …


Amazon Best Seller!

Wild and Wise Women Around the World successfully launched on the 28th March and went to Amazon #6 in the UK, #7 in the USA and #1 in Canada within a variety of categories.  All proceeds go to the Wild and Wise Women initiativesto support women in India.  It has been an amazing journey with a group of engaged and wonderful women and although I feel vulnerable having told what is part of my own deeply personal story, I can't be a leader in authentic leadership and not stand for the values I invite others to explore.  My deepest wish is that if my deeply personal story inspires just one person to see how their story, their journey and their gifts matter then it will have been worth it.

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