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Meaningful & Mindful HR Leadership

Take time and space to explore how to wholeheartedly lead personal & organisational transformation 


Challenge your leadership

Are you eager to be a more wholehearted leader who is prepared to show the way without being afraid of shaking up the status quo?

Are you looking for ways to weave your insights into people, business and mindfulness to be more effective in today's global organisations without losing your authenticity in the process?

                         ...we are excited to guide you on this journey sharing leading edge insights into HR, authentic leadership and mindfulness.


Connect with what matters

Are you inspired to do everything you can to make a difference without being afraid of sharing what really matters to you?

Are you keen to show that true transformation comes from having the courage to lean in to what’s emerging without knowing where it will take you?

        ...we look forward to giving you the space and time to reconnect whilst also sharing inspiring ideas around change and transformation.


Be part of a tribe

Are you longing to be able to connect with inspiring and likeminded HR leaders from all over the world without having to go searching?

Are you dreaming of being part of a group where you can discuss the challenges and opportunities of meaningful HR without being judged?

          ... we are excited to create this global community together, shaping it in a way that meets your needs.

What is on offer?

  • A blended learning journey designed to give you the time and space you need to explore critical questions as an HR leader;
  • An experience that will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone in your current role;
  • An opportunity for a select group of international HR, talent and organisational professionals to learn together;
  • A chance to collaborate with a diverse group of  leaders with varying levels of participants, from different sectors and regions. 

We consider LEADERS to be those who are guiding others through growth and change at all levels of the organisation so don't hesitate to join us.

Read more about the program below and contact us to find out personally whether this is the resource for you - right now or in the future.  

What does the learning journey look like?

More retreats and offers will take place in 2019!

Our retreats are often in the region around Palma de Mallorca or in the South of France known for their peace and tranquility.   Although we will be in the countryside, we promise wifi will be available to ensure you can stay connected where needed!

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